Our Task


“The recognition of the opponent was discussed as one great prerequisite of the struggle. We now know his goal, his changing methods and his new manifestations.

What necessities are required of us, the movement, in order to deal with these changes of the struggle?

First, we must realize that the state apparatus, the State Police in particular, can not wage this struggle alone. The police can only counter the external, juristically tangible form of the opponent’s anti-state attitude and it hence more an organ of defense. Worldview opponents can only be decisively defeated in the spiritual struggle by the worldview. After the first months of the revolutionary conquest of state power the standardizations were hence halted. When many comrades failed to realize the necessary change of the struggle, the expression “from revolution to evolution” was coined, from the externally conquered position of power to the spiritual and worldview winning of all.

What demand does this new chapter of struggle place on us, the SS?

We must work on ourselves. Through ceaseless self-discipline, we must anchor and secure in ourselves the eternal principles of the worldview given us by the Führer. We must first standardize ourselves spiritually, so each thinks the same about the opponent, equally rejects him without making personally egocentric and sympathetic exceptions. In order to preserve our folk, we must be very hard toward the opponent, even at the risk of sometimes hurting an individual opponent as a human of appearing to many certainly well meaning people to be undisciplined brutes. If we do not fulfill our historical task as National Socialists, because we too objective and humane, one will nonetheless not grant us moderating circumstances. It will only be said: They did not fulfill their task before history. If somebody is our conscious opponent, he must be defeated subjectively and without exception. If for example every German out of pity excludes even just “one decent” Jew or Freemason from the fight, that would mean 60 million exceptions.

Reinhard Heydrich at a Fencing Competition with the Berlin SS Fencing Team (1939)
Reinhard Heydrich at a Fencing Competition with the Berlin SS Fencing Team (1939)

The work on ourselves must proceed in terms of character and performance. We must deepen the good elements of our German genes. Despite all hardness, we must be just, we must be the most loyal, and there must be no better comradeship than our own. We must purge the harmful and shortcomings within our own ranks with possibly even greater hardness. In order to prove the correctness of the principles of our community and our selection, we must gradually become the best in all areas. We must in connection with military service present the best recruits to the weapons bearer of the nation; in sports we must always be among the first. In the professions, too, it should become a rule that the consciously political SS-man is also the best expert, in tests as well as in practice. Through our accomplishment we must make the purely “non-political” expert (who is nothing more that) dispensable.

We must also expand our knowledge of our ancestors or even first acquire it. It is knowledge of all the values that God has given our folk: Our blood, our kind, our true historical past. That includes our ancient folk, which – contrary to the claims of many – has its roots far before the time of Christ and far before the – for Germandom so important – 8th century.

We must provide an exemplary living example of the eternal principles provided by the Führer and in positive form try to win over in terms of worldview the people who in the first months due to their character and attitude did want to go along with an external standardization. All those people who could not find the idea’s content due to a faux pas, we must try to win over, personally, man by man, through our accomplishments and the strength of faith that we as the National Socialist movement are allowed to be the smallest link between the high cultural past of our folk and future millennia of German-folkish history.

And we, the SS, want to thereby be the worldview assault troop and the guardian of the Führer’s idea, and at the same time, in the fulfillment of the State Police’s tasks, insofar as we serve in it, the inner-political protection corps of the National Socialist state.”

Changes of the Forms of Struggle 

SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich 

We are an anti-parliamentarian Party


We are an anti-parliamentarian party that for good reasons rejects the Weimar constitution and its republican institutions. We oppose a fake democracy that treats the intelligent and the foolish, the industrious and the lazy, in the same way. We see in the present system of majorities and organized irresponsibility the main cause of our steadily increasing miseries.

So why do we want to be in the Reichstag?

We enter the Reichstag to arm ourselves with the weapons of democracy. If democracy is foolish enough to give us free railway passes and salaries, that is its problem. It does not concern us. Any way of bringing about the revolution is fine by us.

If we succeed in getting sixty or seventy of our party’s agitators and organizers elected to the various parliaments, the state itself will pay for our fighting organization. That is amusing and entertaining enough to be worth trying.

Will we be corrupted by joining parliament? Not likely. Do you think us such miserable revolutionaries that you fear that the thick red carpets and the well-upholstered sleeping halls will make us forget our historical mission?

Is our entry into the Reichstag the beginning of a compromise? Do you really think that we who have stood before you a hundred or a thousand times preaching faith in a new Germany, who have smilingly faced death dozens of times from the red mob, who have joined you in battling every form of resistance whether of official or nonofficial nature, who have bent before no command or terror, do you really think that we would lay down our weapons in exchange for a railroad pass?

If we only wanted to become representatives, we would not be National Socialists, but German National Party members or Social Democrats. We do not beg for votes. We demand conviction, devotion, passion! A vote is only a tool for us as well as for you. We will march into the marble halls of parliament, bringing with us the revolutionary will of the broad masses from which we came, called by fate and forming fate. We do not want to join this pile of manure. We are coming to shovel it out.

Do not believe that parliament is our goal. We have shown the enemy our nature from the podiums of our mass meetings and in the enormous demonstrations of our brown army. We will show it as well in the leaden atmosphere of parliament. We are coming neither as friends or neutrals. We come as enemies! As the wolf attacks the sheep, so come we. You are not among your friends any longer! You will not enjoy having us among you!”

An extract from an 1928 article by Joseph Goebbels on the Reichstag

Ivan Ilyin on National Socialism and Fascism

Thinker (Portrait of philisopher Ivan Ilyin), 1921, Mikhail Nesterov
Thinker (Portrait of philisopher Ivan Ilyin), 1921, Mikhail Nesterov

Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin (March 28, 1883 – December 21, 1954) was a Russian religious and political philosopher, White emigre publicist and an ideologue of the Russian All-Military Union.

Germans were able to break the democratic deadlock…What is happening here is the great social intercalation; but not of the property, but of state-political and cultural-guidance nature…The stratum of those who guide is being renewed consequently and radically…In accordance with new mentality…Those who do not like the “New Spirit” are being pulled out…This spirit is the substance of this whole movement; it burns in the hearts of every true national-socialist, it flexes his muscles, rings in his words and shines in his eyes…The unjust blackening and slander impedes adequate comprehension of it, sins against the truth and hurts the entire humankind”.

In his 1933 essay “National Socialism: ‘A New Spirit’”, Ilyin — the “spirit” of national-socialism — characterizes it as: “patriotism, faith in the uniqueness of the German peoples and the strength of the German genius, the feeling of honor, readiness for the sacrificial service (fascist “sacrificio”), discipline, social justice and non-class brethren – all-people’s unity”. Ilyin directly compares it with the White Russian émigré movement-“Basically this spirit is aligning the German national-socialism with Italian fascism. But not only with that but with the spirit of Russian White movement as well”. 

What did Hitler do? He has stopped the process of bolzevisation giving a huge favor to all the Europe…While Mussolini leads Italy and Hitler leads Germany – European culture is given a reprieve”.

In 1937 Ilyin claims: “By proposing the ideas of “soldato” and “sacrificio” as the main civic ideas the Italian fascism has spoken out in accordance to its own Roman tradition the very things that the Rus’ was originally based upon and built: ideas of Monomakh and Sergius of Radonezh, ideas of Russian missionaries and Russian colonization, ideas of Minin and Pozharsky, ideas of serfdom, ideas of Peter the Great and Suvorov, ideas of Russian Army and of the White movement”. 

“Fascism arose as a reaction to Bolshevism, as a concentration of power guarding sovereignty from the Right. As leftist chaos and totalitarianism advanced, this was a healthy phenomenon, as well as necessary and unavoidable. And such a concentration will come about henceforth, even in the most democratic states: in an hour of national danger the more vigorous forces of the people will always rally to the defense of sovereignty. Thus it was in ancient Rome and the new Europe, and so it shall be hereafter.”

Democracy is run by Jews


“Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a ‘country run by Jews’ “

“Wars in old times were made to get slaves. The modern implement of imposing slavery is debt.”

“No Rothschild is English. No Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Kahn, Schiff, Sieff, or Solomon was ever born Anglo-Saxon. And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you murdered your Empire. It is this filth that elects, selects your politicians”

“O woe, woe.
People are born and die
We also shall be dead pretty soon.
Therefore let us act as if we were
dead already.”

Ezra Pound 

In 1945, Ezra Pound was arrested by the US Armed Forces
Ezra Pound arrested by the US Armed Forces


Honour to the Corsica Antichrist

Napoleon on Deathbed by Jean Baptiste Mauzaisse 1843
Napoleon on Deathbed by Jean Baptiste Mauzaisse 1843

“Napoleon, who regarded modern ideas, and by immediate implication civilization itself, as something of a personal enemy, has proved to be one of the greatest successors to the Renaissance: he has unearthed an entire portion of the ancient character. The decisive one perhaps, the portion made of granite. And who knows whether this portion of ancient character will not in the end gain ascendancy again over the national movement, and will thus have to make itself the heir and successor to Napoleon in a positive sense.”

Friedrich Nietzsche from the Joyous Science