The Conqueror of Death


We should push youth to the very limits of endurance, and even beyond, so that in those who survive we shall have a race of men and women who have learnt to rise above pain and to conquer the fear of death.

— Heinrich Himmler


HAMMERGOAT / UNHOLY ARCHANGEL – Unholy Wrath of Goat split


Hammer Of Damnation proudly announces the international release of split between brazilian chaotic and bestial black metal of death Hammergoat alongside ancient hellenic war black metal legend Unholy Archangel.
Expect for nothing but blasphemous, (im)pure and baphometic unholy cult of warfire!!!

Release date: December, 2018

Sampler here:

The Concept of God according to Karl Maria Wiligut


The Christian god is known as Der Gott in German, the emphasis being upon his masculine gender if gender can ever be a suitable term when we are talking about the gods but nevertheless in accord with Semitic relgious thought he is viewed very much as a he, der in other words.
However there is a much older and more native concept of god which is held by the German speaking peoples and this god is viewed more as a principle, an energy which works within Ario-Germanic man that gives him his god-like status and being and this is demonstrated in the term das Gott. Das being the neuter form of the German der.
The great Professor Hans Guenther has this to say about das Gott;

“When Christian missionaries asked the north Teutons who or what they believed in, they received the reply which centuries previously the south Teutons — who had believed in Das Gott (neuter) — might also have given, that they believed in their power (matt) or strength (magin), a power working within them, a deity filling the religious man, an inner-worldly and inner-spiritual deity. Such an answer must have seemed to the missionaries, as it would to many present day commentators, a mere boast of power or an idolatrous presumption, while in fact it must be understood as a factual “The God” (Das Gott) corresponding to the dominans ille in nobis deus. But it is easy to understand that the missionaries, who in Christianity had accepted the extra-mundane, transcendent ideas of a “personal” God, from the Semitic peoples, were at a loss when confronted by faith in a destiny ruling within men.”


Karl Maria Wiligut refers to this same god as “Got” or Gottos and has this to say about him/it:-

The Nine Commandments of Got.

1.Got is Al-unity!

2.Got is “Spirit and Matter”,the dyad.He brings duality,and is nevertheless,unity and purity…

3.Got is a triad:Spirit,Energy and Matter.Got-Spirit,Got-Ur,Got-Being,or Sun-Light and Waker[Wekr],the dyad.

4.Got is eternal-as Time,Space,Energy and Matter in his circulating current.

5.Got is cause and effect.Therefore out of Got flows right,might,duty and happiness.

6.Got is eternally generating.The Matter,Energy and Light of Got are that which carry this along.

7.Got-beyond the concepts of good and evil-is that which carries the seven epochs of human history.

8.Rulership in the circulation of the current carries along the highness-the secret tribunal[heimliche Acht].

9.Got is beginning without end-the Al.He is completion in Nothingness,and,nevertheless,Al in the three-times-three realisation of all things.He closes the circle at N-yule,at Nothingness,out of the conscious into the unconscious,so that this may again become conscious.

How very different das Gott is from the god of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Wotans Krieger

As the last of the petals are shattered

Rose petals falling
Like rusted dead butterflies
No more songs
Shall fill the trenches tonight
Our throats are all sore
From the singing
We are left quenching with thirst
And we are dying without hope
Was all that we suffered but in vain
Whom tomorrow would forget?
Was all that we called culture
Spirit and soul
All that was beautiful and sacred
Nothing but a ghost long dead?
Which only a few fools like us
Took for true and living?
Had it perhaps indeed never been true
Nor living?
Had all that we poor fools
Bothered our heads about
Never been anything but a phantom?
I see rose petals falling…. Everywhere


Prayer on the Acropolis


“I am born, O goddess of the blue eyes, of barbarian parents, among the good and virtuous Cimmerians who dwell by the shore of a melancholy sea, bristling with rocks ever lashed by the storm. The sun is scarcely known in this country, its flowers are seaweed, marine plants, and the coloured shells which are gathered in the recesses of lonely bays. The clouds seem colourless, and even joy is rather sorrowful there; but fountains of fresh water spring out of the rocks, and the eyes of the young girls are like the green fountains in which, with their beds of waving herbs, the sky is mirrored.

“My forefathers, as far as we can trace them, have passed their lives in navigating the distant seas, which thy Argonauts knew not, I used to hear as a child the songs which told of voyages to the Pole; I was cradled amid the souvenir of floating ice, of misty seas like milk, of islands peopled with birds which now and again would warble, and which, when they rose in flight, darkened the air.”

“Dost thou remember the day when, Dionysodorus being archon, an ugly little Jew, speaking the Greek of the Syrians, came hither, passed beneath thy porch without understanding thee, misread thy inscriptions, and imagined that he had discovered within thy walls an altar dedicated to what he called the Unknown God? Well, this little Jew was believed; for a thousand years thou hast been treated as an idol, O Truth! for a thousand years the world has been a desert in which no flower bloomed. And all this time thou wert silent, O Salpinx, clarion of thought. Goddess of order, image of celestial stability, those who loved thee were regarded, as culprits, and now, when by force of conscientious labour we have succeeded in drawing near to thee, we are accused of committing a crime against human intelligence because we have burst the chains which Plato knew not.”

Prayer on the Acropolis by Ernest Renan

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Orders from the Dead

Diamanda Galas

You seem to derive some of your greatest joy in the stories of people you admire, many of whom we aren’t normally supposed to admire.

Turkey is truly a sultan’s country, because that was the whole sultan thing, going to the countries like Romania, where Vlad the Impaler was in charge, and saying, “We need 500 boys for the army” — for fucking. But that’s why Vlad was impaling all his own people; he said, “You steal from your neighbor and I can tell you that the only way to get our country to be morally strong enough to fight the Turks is if you fear me.” He got people fuckin’ terrified so they could fight the Turks.

Vlad the Impaler was a political hero?

He did it with big ol’ stakes, they went right through the asshole, right through the larynx. People took five days to die. He said, “You’re not afraid to be decapitated anymore. I’m gonna give you something to be afraid of.” Gotta respect a man like that.

Yet you speak for the dead. At least that’s what the press releases say.

People say that, but I don’t know what they mean. [laughs] I’ve felt dead enough in my own life. Not to glamorize it too much. I am not a Goth — I’m a Greek. Goth means German. Being a Greek is not a geographical reality, it’s a spiritual reality. I’ve heard it said you have to go through a wall, and you have to push very hard to go through it. So you have that amount of force to get through it. Also, Greek people are always talking loud, they’re screaming all the time, it’s part of the culture that came up with Greek tragedy. That’s why I love this psychotic art form. Every tragedy that comes out is the avenging of someone by revenge — the mother whose son has to be killed, who killed the daughter, who killed the father. It’s so close, these things, and blood is too close.

But a song is in a sense a point of being really alive, really very vitally alive. I find it interesting when I hear people say I’m doing dark subjects, because I think, well, maybe they’re thinking that because what I’m doing is the opposite of being dead, and maybe I have to be extremely energized, or I’m fighting to get away from something, just getting away from that depression, so I have to fight harder than other people, and maybe that struggle is evident.

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The burning of Smyrna

This is a tribute & a reminder to all the dead of the Destruction & Massacre of Smyrna in September 1922. We will Return.

“But I have orders from the dead that warn me: “Do not forget me. My blood will fill the air you breathe forever. My death-bird is not dead. He carries all my teeth, my smile of unforgetfulness, my laugh! Βρυκόλακα! (Vrikólaka! [Vampire!]) I am the man unburied who cannot sleep in forty pieces! I am the girl, dismembered and unblessed. I am the open mouth that drags your flesh and that can never rest until my death is written in a rock that cannot be broken!”

And these are the orders from the dead.”

I believed in National Socialism


“And what have we now in Germany? A land of bankers and car-makers. Even our great army has gone soft. Soldiers wear beards and question orders. I am not ashamed to say I believed in National Socialism. I still wear the Iron Cross with diamonds Hitler gave me. But today in all Germany you can’t find a single person who voted Adolf Hitler into power… Many Germans feel guilty about the war. But they don’t explain the real guilt we share — That we lost.”

Hanna Reitsch