Georg Ritter von Schönerer


Georg Ritter von Schönerer (17 July 1842 – 14 August 1921) was an Austrian landowner and politician of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A major exponent of pan-Germanism and German nationalism in Austria as well as a radical opponent of political Catholicism and a fierce antisemite, his agitation exerted much influence on the young Adolf Hitler.

Characteristic of Schonerer’s ideology and was the combination of radical German nationalism with antisemitism. His antisemitic rhetoric was explicitly racial: “We must thus insist unconditionally on the separating out of Jewish children and on the complete exclusion of Jewish instructors, whether baptized or not, from the schools of our race. . . . Instead, we wish our youth to receive instruction and education according to Christian-Aryan principles,” he declared in a speech in Vienna on February 24, 1888. Calling for the protection of German blood from that of the inferior Jewish race was a permanent feature of his rhetoric. His influence on the German-National movement in Austria was enduring, and its significance should not be underestimated, even though he never managed to fashion a powerful party. From the 1880s on, Schonerer cleared the way for racial antisemitism to become a part of Austrian political culture. It is no exaggeration to label him a precursor of National Socialism and Hitler, who admired his ideas.


Race (1893)

Before my arms, powerful with freedom, sank

The dividing walls that madness had created.

The boundaries of belief, party, and statute

I smashed, following only the call of freedom.

But never can I break the last bond

That encircles me with my kind.

I wish to call myself a German with those

Toward whom blood’s voice urges me.

Out of the race did my solitary self grow.

It is the seed out of which came my individuality.

Thus I stretch to my fellows in blood, unforced,

In independence my hand.

Speeches by Schönerer:


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The Racial World-view of H.P. Lovecraft


Lovecraft had a rather unbecoming tendency to judge other branches of the Indo-Aryan racial family from a very chauvinist, Imperial, pro-English perspective. Despite his derogatory remarks about Slavs and Celts, if he were alive today there could be little doubt that he would embrace the ideals of Pan-Aryanism.

Sept. 30, 1919:

No one else in filmland can duplicate his delineation of stark, hideous terror or fiendish malignancy. Hayakawa excels in tragical pathos, and would soar high if he were a white man. I would not at all be surprised if he had a dash of white blood somewhere. Both Walthall and Hayakawa are too good for films — they ought to be known more widely.

…Orientals must be kept in their native East till the fall of the white race. Sooner or later a great Japanese war will take place, during which I think the virtual destruction of Japan will have to be effected in the interests of European safety. The more numerous Chinese are a menace of the still more distant future. They will probably be the exterminators of Caucasian civilisation, for their numbers are amazing. But that is all too far ahead for consideration today.

Jan. 23, 1920:

Eroticism belongs to a lower order of instincts, and is an animal rather than nobly human quality. For evolved man — the apex of organic progress on the Earth — what branch of reflection is more fitting than that which occupies only his higher and exclusively human faculties? The primal savage or ape merely looks about his native forest to find a mate; the exalted Aryan should lift his eyes to the worlds of space and consider his relation to infinity!!!!

Oct. 6, 1921:

At heart I despise the aesthete and prefer the warrior — I am essentially a Teuton and barbarian; a Xanthochoric Nordic from the damp forests of Germany or Scandinavia, and kin to the giant chalk-white conquerors of the cursed, effeminate Celts. [The common blood shared by all Aryan peoples — Baltic, Germanic, Slavic or Celtic — was not understood by Mr.Lovecraft; thus his derogatory statements made towards the Slav and Celt.] I am a son of Odin and brother to Hengist and Horsa…Grr…Give me a drink of hot blood with Celtic foes skull as a beaker! Rule, Britannia…GOD SAVE THE KING!
May 18, 1922:

[Here Mr.Lovecraft comments on the filthy non-White slums of N.Y.]

The illumination is unique and extensive, but neither superlatively impressive nor in any sense truly artistic. At the elevated station at 6th Ave. and 42nd St. I lost my fellow Anglo-Saxon, whose home is far to the north in the semi-African jungles of Harlem; [Negroes had already made a slum out of Harlem by 1922]

…Kleiner proceeded to lead us into the slums; with “Chinatown” as an ulterior objective. My gawd what a filthy dump! I thought Providence had slums, and antique Bostonium as well; but damn me if I ever saw anything like the sprawling sty-atmosphere of N.Y.s lower East Side. We walked — at my suggestion — in the middle of the street, for contact with the denizens, spilled out of their bulging brick kennels as if by a spawning beyond the capacity of the places, was not by any means to be sought. At times, though, we struck peculiarly deserted areasthese swine have instinctive swarming movements, no doubt, which no ordinary biologist can fathom. Gawd knows what they are — … — a bastard mess of stewing mongrel flesh without intellect, repellent to the eye, nose, and imagination would to heaven a kindly gust of cyanogen could asphyxiate the whole gigantic abortion, end the misery, and clean out the place. [H.P.L. advocates ethnic cleansing as a legitimate means of ridding the world of human pollution. And, in a beautiful way at that.] The streets, even in the centre, are filthy with old papers and vegetable debris — probably the street-cleaners dislike to soil their white uniforms by visiting such infernos.
Feb. 10, 1923:

Anent the Fascist problem — assuredly we approach it from radically different directions. Galpinius and I have been discussing democracy a lot lately, and we agree that it is a false idol — a mere catchword and an illusion of inferior classes, visionaries, and dying civilisations. Life has no ultimate values, and our proximate values can be little more than what we like to see or posses. “Right” and “Wrong” are primitive conceptions which cannot endure the test of cold science. Now Galpin and I maintain that, logically, man of taste should prefer such things as favour strong and advanced men at the expense of the herd. Of what use is it to please the herd? They are simply coarse animals — for all that is admirable in man is the artificial product of special breeding. We advocate the preservation of conditions favourable to the growth of beautiful things — imposing palaces, beautiful cities, elegant literature, resposeful art and music, and a physically select human type such as only luxury and a pure racial strain can produce. Thus we oppose democracy, if only because it would retard the development of a handsome Nordic breed. We realise that all conceptions of justice and ethics are mere prejudices and illusions — there is no earthly reason why the masses should not be kept down for the benefit of the strong, since every man is for himself in the last analysis. We regard the rise of democratic ideas as a sign of cultural old age and decay, and deem it a compliment to such men as Mussolini when they are said to be “XVth century types. We are proud to be definitely reactionary, since only a bold repudiation of the word “liberal” pose and the progress illusion can we get the sort of authoritative social and political control which alone produces things which make life worth living. We admire the old German Empire, for it was a force so strong that it almost conquered all the combined forces of the rest of the world. Personally, my objection to Germany in the late war was that it formed a menace to our English Empire — an empire so lamentably split in 1775-83, and so regrettably by effeminate ideas of liberty. My wish was that we English reunite into one irresistible power and establish an (sic) hegemony of the globe in true Roman fashion. Neither we nor Germany will ever be really strong till we have unified imperial control.

Our modern worship of empty ideals is ludicrous. What does the condition of the rabble matter? All we need do is to keep it as quiet as we can. What is more important, is to perpetuate those things of beauty which are of real value because involving actual sense-impressions rather than vapid theories. “Equality” is a joke — but a great abbey or cathedral, covered with moss, is a poignant reality. If (it) is for us to safeguard and preserve the conditions which produce great abbeys, and palaces, and picturesque walled town, and vivid sky-lines of steeples and domes, and luxurious tapestries, and fascinating books, paintings and statuary, and colossal organs and noble music, and dramatic deeds on embattled fields — these are all there is of life: taken (sic) them away and we have nothing which a man of taste or spirit would care to live for. Take them away and our poets have nothing to sing — our dreamers have nothing to dream about. The blood of a million men is well shed in producing one glorious legend which thrills posterity and it is not at all important why it was shed. A coat of arms won in a crusade is worth a thousand slavering compliments bandied about amongst a rabble.

Reform? Pish! We do no want reform! What would the world be without its scarlet and purple evil! Drama is born of conflict and violence…god! Shall we ever be such women as to prefer the blond-bearded warrior? The one sound power in the world is the power of a hairy muscular right arm!

Yah! How I spit upon this rotton (sic) age with its feeble comforts and thwarted energies — its Freuds and Wilsons, Augustines and Heliogabali, — rabbles and perversions! What these swine with their scruples and problems, changes and rebellions, need, is a long draught of blood from a foeman’s skull on the battlements of a mountain fortalice! We need fewer harps and viols, and more drums and brasses. The answer to jazz is the wild dance of the war-like conqueror! Don’t complain of the youth’s high-powered motor-car unless you can give him an horse and armour and sed him to conquer the domains of the neighborouing kings! Modern life my gawd! I dont wonder that literature is going to hell or chaos! What is there to write about now? Before we have literature we must have life — bold, colourful, primitive, and picturesque. We must change a George V for a Richard Coeur de Lion — a Platagenet!.

May 3, 1923: 

Nothing must disturb my undiluted Englishry — God Save The King! I am naturally a Nordic — a chalk-white, bulky Teuton of the Scandinavian or North-German forests — a Vikinga berserk killer — a predatory rover of Hengist and Horsa — a conqueror of Celts and mongrels and founders of Empires — a son of the thunders and the arctic winds, and brother to the frosts and the auroras — a drinker of foemen’s blood from new picked skulls — a friend of the mountain buzzards and feeder of seacoast vultures — a blond beast of eternal snows and frozen oceans — a prayer to Odin and Thor and Woden and Alfadur, the raucous shouter of Niffelheim — a comrade of the wolves, and rider of nightmares — aye — I speak truly — for was I not born with yellow hair and Blue eyes — the latter not turning dark till I was nearly two, and the former lasting till I was over five? Ho, for the hunting and fishing in Valhalla! Who knows..? The Phillipses come from the borderlands of Wales, that mystic Machenian land. May there not be in them some trace of blood from some Roman prepraetor of Britannia Secunda, whose capital was Isca Silurum with its walls, its noble amphitheatre, its Etruscan-columned Temple of Diana, its Pons Saturni, its tessellated pavements, its inscriptions of the Septimii Severi, its Via Nympharum and Via Julia,…Io triumphe! S.P.Q.R.!!…Yes, Sonny, the Mediterranean world isn’t so bad when one goes back to Pelasgic times and takes the Graeco-Roman races! After all, I have dark hair and eyes now, no matter what I used to have; and it is quite as good to be a sanguinary Roman consul as a Norse pirate. Long live the Pantheon! Vivat M. Agrippa! By being a Roman, I can quite logically prove a good grandfather to such as my small boys Belnapius and Alfredus …Latins all! But as a classical and ancient Latin, I enjoy cheese, which was a leading feature of the Graeco-Roman diet. Therein our souls are separated by the impassable gulf of the Dark Ages, O Francisco Borgia, Prince of Arsenic-Sharks and Stilletto hounds!


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Adolf Hitler on Neo-Pagans


“The characteristic thing about these people is that they rave about old Germanic heroism, about dim prehistory, stone axes spear and shield, but in reality are the greatest cowards that can be imagined. For the same people who brandish scholarly imitations of old German tin swords, and wear a dressed bearskin with bull’s horns over their bearded heads, preach for the present nothing but struggle with spiritual weapons, and run away as fast as they can from every Communist blackjack. Posterity will have little occasion to glorify their own heroic existence in a new epic.”
“But they make a ridiculous impression on the broad masses, and the Jew has every reason to spare these folkish comedians, even to prefer them to the true fighters for a coming German state.”
“Especially with the so-called religious reformers on an old Germanic basis, I always have the feeling that they were sent by those powers which do not want the resurrection of our people.”
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RAVEN DARK “Foretasting the Death by Birth”


“Foretasting the Death by Birth”

The last and most awaited release of the outgoing year for BlazeBirth Hall fans has been released at last! Never released before and surprisingly not uploaded in the Internet it is available for the listeners in the form of an impressive edition: a 6-panel digipak with a 12-page booklet has an exclusive design, the work on it continued for more than a year and was successfully completed shortly before the release. A full-length album recorded in far 1998 a.y.p.s. by Ulv Gegner Irminsson (vocal, guitars, bass, lyrics) and Ransverdi (drums) reveals an alchemical trilogy the idea of the eternal search for the immortal Hero’s archetype, started in the previous albums: “Foretasting the Death by Birth” – “By the Anger of Eternal Opening” – “Katarsis”. The album represents the best music and lyric traditions of BlazeBirth Hall and fully dips a listener into the atmosphere of the sacral Myth.


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«Η μητέρα μου πρόσεχε να μη φιλήσουν τα χείλη μου Ελληνικά χείλη,
να μην αγγίξουν τα χέρια μου Ελληνικά χέρια
και ούτε Ελληνικά τραγούδια να ΜΟΛΥΝΟΥΝ τα αυτιά και την γλώσσα μου»

Γρηγόριος Νανζιαζηνός

Οι τρεις ιεράρχες και τα «ελληνοχριστιανικά» ιδεώδη

Ο Μέγας Βασίλειος γράφει στο έργο του «εις τον Προφήτην Ησαΐαν Προοίμιον»:

«Μη δειλιάζετε από των Ελληνικών πιθανολογημάτων… τα οποία είναι σκέτα ξύλα, μάλλον δε δάδες που απώλεσαν και του δαυλού την ζωντάνια και του ξύλου την ισχύ, μη έχοντας δε ούτε και του πυρός την φωτεινότητα, αλλά σαν δάδες καπνίζουσες καταμελανώνουν και σπιλώνουν όσους τα πιάνουν και φέρνουν δάκρυα στα μάτια όσων τα πλησιάζουν. Έτσι και (των Ελλήνων) η ψευδώνυμος γνώση σε όσους την χρησιμοποιούν».

Και ο Αγιος Ιωάννης ο Χρυσόστομος γράφει στην ομιλία του εις Άγιον Ιωάννην τον Ευαγγελιστήν:

«Αν κοιτάξεις στα ενδότερα (των ελληνικών σκέψεων) θα δεις, τέφρα και σκόνη και τίποτε υγιές, αλλά τάφος ανοιγμένος είναι ο λάρυγγας (των Ελλήνων φιλοσόφων!), όλα δε είναι γεμάτα ακαθαρσίες και πύον, και πάντα τα δόγματα τους βρίθουν από σκουλίκιαν…
Αυτά γέννησαν και αύξησαν οι Έλληνες, παίρνοντας από τους φιλοσόφους τους… Εμείς όμως, δεν παραιτούμαστε από την μάχη εναντίον τους».

Τόση ήταν η αγάπη τους προς τους Έλληνες και την Ελλάδα που ο Χρυσόστομος συμβουλεύει τους χριστιανούς στον λόγο του «Περί Κενοδοξίας και πώς δει τους Γονείς Ανατρέφειν τα Τέκνα»:

«Κανένας δεν πρέπει να δίνει στα παιδιά του ονόματα των ελλήνων προγόνων του, του πατέρα, της μητέρας, του παππού και του προπάππου, αλλά να δίνει τα ονόματα των δικαίων της Παλαιάς Διαθήκης».
Ιδού και η απάντηση σε όσους απορούν γιατί δεν μπορούν να δώσουν όνομα στα παιδιά τους που δεν περιλαμβάνεται στας εκκλησιαστικάς δέλτους!

Είναι όμως και ο Γρηγόριος Νανζιαζηνός:

«Η μητέρα μου πρόσεχε να μη φιλήσουν τα χείλη μου Ελληνικά χείλη, να μην αγγίξουν τα χέρια μου Ελληνικά χέρια και ούτε Ελληνικά τραγούδια να ΜΟΛΥΝΟΥΝ τα αυτιά και την γλώσσα μου».

Βασίλειος ο Μέγας (υβριστής των Ελλήνων)

Ο Βασίλειος ήταν επίσκοπος την περίοδο μεταξύ των Α΄ (325 μ.Χ.) και Β΄ Οικουμενικών (381 μ.Χ.) Συνόδων. Πέθανε δυό χρόνια πρίν την Β΄ σύνοδο, αλλά είχε προλάβει να προετοιμάσει το θεολογικό έδαφος, πάνω στο οποίο στηρίχθηκε αυτή. Ο τίτλος «Μέγας» του αποδόθηκε από τα εννέα αδέλφια του, τέσσερα από τα οποία έχουν ανακηρυχθεί επίσης άγιοι (Γρηγόριος Νύσσης, Πέτρος Σεβαστείας, οσία Μακρίνα, Ναυκράτιος). Αγία ανακηρύχθηκε και η μητέρα τους, Εμμέλεια. Ο Βασίλειος ασκήτευσε επί πολλά έτη και πέθανε σε ηλικία 49 ετών από ασθένεια των νεφρών, που μάστιζε εκείνο τον καιρό τους ασκητές, λόγω της κακής διατροφής τους.

Ενδεικτικά παραθέτουμε μερικά μόνο χαρακτηριστικά αποσπάσματα από γεμάτα ανθελληνικό μένος κηρύγματα του Μεγάλου Βασιλείου (έχουν ληφθεί από την «Patrologia Graeca» του αββά Migne):

– «Και ράξει ο Θεός τους επανισταμένους επί όρος Σιών επ’ αυτόν, και τους εχθρούς αυτού διασκεδάσει, Συρίαν αφ’ ηλίου ανατολών και τους Έλληνας αφ’ ηλίου δυσμών, τους κατεσθίοντας τον Ισραήλ όλω τω στόματι.

» Ράξειν ουν αυτούς επαγγέλλεται και καταβαλείν πάντας τους επανισταμένους τω όρει Σιών, και διασκεδάσειν αυτών την κατά της αληθείας ασεβή συμφωνίαν. Εισί δε οι εχθροί Σύροι και Έλληνες· οι μεν τα προς ανατολάς του ηλίου κατέχοντες, οι δε τα προς τας δυσμάς. Δια τούτο δε διασκεδασθήσονται, επειδή κατήσθιον όλω τω στόματι τον Ισραήλ.» («Εnarratio in prophetam Ιsaiam», κεφ. 9, τμ. 230, γρ. 1-10.)

– «Ημείς δε, ώσπερ απεφύγομεν Έλληνας.» («Contra Sabellianos et Arium et Anomoeos», τ. 31, σελ. 600, γρ. 32.)

– «Οι παρά τοις Έλλησι σοφοί, τον μεν βίον έχοντες τοις αισχίστοις της σαρκός πάθεσιν εγκυλινδούμενον.» («Εnarratio in prophetam Isaiam», κεφ. 10, τμ. 239, γρ. 22.)

– «Δια της σης σοφίας εις το βάθος της Ομήρου μανίας εισελθείν.» («Εpistulae», Epistle 345, τμ. 1, γρ. 25.)

– «Οι των Ελλήνων σοφοί, οι την φιλοσοφίαν ασκήσαντες, και την μισογυνίαν ελόμενοι, κατακρίνουσι τους εν τη αληθινή σοφία όντας, και συμπεπλεγμένους γυναικαρίοις ασώτοις.» («Sermo de contubernalibus», τ. 30, σελ. 824, γρ. 39-42.)

– «Πρόσταγμα ημίν, μη δειλιάν από των Ελληνικών πιθανοτήτων και από των παρά τοις ετεροδόξοις δυσφημιών, άτινά εστι δύο ξύλα, μάλλον δε δύο δαλοί, απολέσαντες μεν του φυτού το ζωτικόν και του ξύλου το ισχυρόν, μη έχοντες δε το του πυρός φωτεινόν, αλλά δαλοί καπνιζόμενοι, μελαίνοντες μεν τους απτομένους αυτών και σπιλούντες, δακρύειν δε τους οφθαλμούς των εγγιζόντων παρασκευάζοντες.» («Εnarratio in prophetam I», κεφ. 7, τ. 196, γρ. 3-9.)


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Ancient Sparta and National Socialism


There’s a big misunderstanding in many circles that National Socialism, as both a Cosmo theoretic and political movement, had a revolutionary character, similar to the French Revolution in 1789 or the Bolshevist Revolution in 1917. This is a big, and in many cases in purpose, mistake. National Socialism had not a Revolutionary character against the tradition, but it is the Revolution of TRADITION against the leveling movements of democracy and bolshevism from the Ideal of Europe-Race.

It is a fact that this second element of National Socialism was not from the beginning in its political practice. In spite of the fact that there are specific mentions and claims about the IDEA of EUROPE – RACE in “Mein Kampf”, it is true that National Socialism gained its European Orientation mainly during the years of the Great War, 1939-1945. This was because seeking a new idea-nucleus to be the foundation of the NEW IMPERIUM it had to be defined on the basis of its Cosmotheory, the Race, specifically the White European Race that consists the wider biological framework, into which the German Folk belongs.

The Hellenic orientation of National Socialism is doubtless. I will mention as examples a few facts. The two great spiritual giants, who adored Germany during their time, were Wagner and Nietzsche, both deeply Hellenists. Who is not aware that Richard Wagner strived to revive the Spirit of the Ancient Hellenic Tragedies with the Overall Work of Art through his works? Who is not aware that Friedrich Nietzsche strived to approach the Great Meanings of Hellenic Philosophy through his works? “We are seeking the lost Temple of the Hellenes”, writes in his work “Twilight of the Idols” and afterwards “what I expect from the German Philosophy is to become one day physiologically Hellenes!” In “Mein Kampf” too, which consisted and still consists the Bible of National Socialism Hitler himself writes about “the Hellenic Ideal of Civilization” and for a New Civilization that will last for a thousand years, because it will embrace and combine Hellenism with Germanism. Who is not aware of the establishment that during the Olympic games, the Flame should be taken from Olympia to the city where they are held, was ordered during the Olympic games in Berlin in 1936, taking place in the National Socialist Germany? The buildings, the statues, the art, the ancient-like stadiums, built during the Third Reich were all Hellenic!


The Hellenic orientation of the National Socialists is doubtless. But the subject of this work is to point out how far the philosophy and biotheory of Ancient Sparta had influenced the German State of 1933, to show how far the Mythic Doric State inspired the Third German Reich. Beginning this effort, I would like to answer to those liberal “intellectuals” who consider Ancient Sparta as a vulgar state of uneducated soldiers with the words of the Great Plutarch from his Parallel Lives:

“Lykourgos brought not literature and speech to light, but a state without equal, proving to all those who thought that the so-called philosophical awareness was non-existent, that an entire state was able to philosophize”.

What exactly Ancient Sparta was is not the subject of this article, but its relationship with the National Socialist Germany, in spite of the distance of time, and this exact relationship will be examined limited of course, searching the common points of the construction of these two states, their Spirit, the Education of the Youth, their Patriotism, their Racial Politics, their Economy and their Military character.

Before I start this examination, it is my moral duty to inform the readers that a book about the relationship of National Socialist Germany with the Ancient Hellenic world was written by the late Vasileios Tsirimpas, Professor of the Philosophic School of the University of Munich. The book that examined the relationship of the Third Reich with the entire Ancient Hellenism was entitled “The Pioneers of National Socialist Education” and it was published in Athens in 1937. The second edition was done by the “Hellenic Tomorrow” publications – Thessaloniki 1981.

Something very important and that I must point out is that it is almost useless to examine the relationship or to define the character of a State, just by searching its political structure. A State is not defined by the way of election of its leaders or the way of governing, but from its Spirit, its Values and its Principles, its Central Idea and in which way it defines its COURSE in Time.


A Spartan Mother Says Goodbye to her Son (1795) by Pierre Michel Alix

Patriotism and Race

The Ideal of Fatherland, the reality of Fatherland for Ancient Sparta and for Hitler’s Germany was of the Highest Value. Everyone and everything, men and objects, were under the roof of the Fatherland, dictating their being and their destination and in times of need they sacrificed their lives for it. Men are transient, individual interests, properties; everything is unimportant compared to the Greatness and the need of the Fatherland. It was that way and it was meant to be that way and it should be that way, but unfortunately as everyone knows it is not. We won’t have to go further on this.

Both States considered the foreign customs and the cosmopolitan influences a great danger for their very existence. In Ancient Sparta, the defense of the State against every foreign influence, every foreign habit that would try to infiltrate the State, was called Xenilasiae. National Socialist Germany fought as well against everything that was cosmopolitan and corrupted in the State. “I ceased to be a cosmopolitan and I became anti-Semite”, wrote Adolf Hitler in “Mein Kampf”. Clubs for the German Art, for the German Music, for the German Civilization were established, every alien influence was fought, and the corrupted monstrosity called “modern art” was prohibited.

The worship of the ancestors in both States was very important. In Ancient Sparta there were rites and athletic games in honour of Hercules, the High Ancestor of the Dorics and annual games in honour of those who fell during the wars, in Germany there were rites for Charlemagne and Otto the Great. There was in both States the common understanding that the Folk is a flowing river of Blood, constant and unbroken.

But the most distinguished aspect that displays the common spirit of both States was the importance of the Race, as well as the politics that both had to preserve its purity and its improvement. In the same way one had to be a Spartan by ancestry in order to be considered a Spartan, in the Third Reich one had to be of German Blood in order to be considered German citizen. Race mixing was severely punished in both States. In the same time, there was the common understanding for the superiority of Race. Motherhood was sacred and was protected in both States. In Germany there was a special law of protection as well as a special medal for childbearing. In Sparta, mothers were respected for their offering to the Fatherland. In one occasion, on the cause of this respect, a foreign woman told to Gorgo, the wife of Leonidas: “Only the Spartan women control their husbands” and she replied: “Yes, because only we are giving birth to men”.

Kaiadas in Sparta and the racial laws of Nuremberg in National Socialist Germany were protecting both States from the presence of weak, biologically deprived people who would lower the level of the Race and who would eternize in time their physical weaknesses.


Education of the Youth

“Because first of all Lycourgos thought that the children didn’t belonged to their fathers, but were common possession of the state.” Plutarch – Life of Lycourgos


Three Spartan Boys Practising Archery – Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg.

The Youth in National Socialist Germany and in Ancient Sparta belonged to the Fatherland, the State. For this reason their Education had, as it’s very objective, to make them useful citizens who would love their Fatherland and if necessary, sacrifice their lives for it. Their Education in both States was under a strict control of the state and it was harsh because only through physical pains the spirit, the will, the patience, the aggression, can be formed. The Youth in Sparta and in the Third Reich learned to honour and respect their parents, to follow the traditions, to be modest and never speak lightly, to be proud and honourable and above all to love their Fatherland, without this we are unimportant objects without origins, purpose and destination.

Who can doubt that the Iles and the Agelae of the youth in Ancient Sparta were not the inspiration for the NSDAP to form the Hitler Youth?


Thermopylae, July 1941

The Military Character of both States

“War is the Father of All” Heracletos

The appearances of Hitler without his characteristic field gray military uniform were seldom and private. The Ideal of the National Socialist Germany was above all a military Ideal. In the same way, the State of Sparta was nothing more but a military camp. Both states, deeply permeated by the Physical reality that life is a constant hard struggle, looked like a vast military camp, preparing their citizens for war, because they were aware that a Folk not ready for war couldn’t have any demands from History.

War, as the supreme Ideal, as the highest process of natural selection, was a basic element for the structure of both states. The defiance of material goods in order to defend the Honour and the Right of the Fatherland from the side of National Socialism is clear in the mid-war slogan “More guns and less butter”.

The rank of the SOLDIER in both States was the highest. We only have to mention that in the Bayreut Festival with the works of Wagner, during the war was open only through invitations for those wounded on the front. In Ancient Sparta, the right for a named burial (that is, a grave with the name written on it) was kept only for two categories of citizens: for the men, to those who fell in battle, for the women, to those who died giving birth to a child.


Lycurgus of Sparta, Merry Joseph Blondel

Society and Economy

“For that reason, fighting shame and envy and crime and effeminacy and those two weaknesses of the state, the oldest and most important ones, richness and poorness, he convinced all the citizens to put everything in common and distribute them in order for everyone to live equal with equal riches, striving to be the first in virtue, as there was no inequality and difference among them but the only that dictated by the downfall of the bad and the praise of the good citizen.” Plutarch – Life of Lycurgus

“They say that Lycourgos, many years after the distribution of the land, returned from a journey and saw that the fields were harvested, and looking at the equal stacks, he smiled and said to his company that the entire Spartan land looked like a country that belonged to brothers who have just divided their property.” Plutarch – Life of Lycurgus

Lycurgus and the Ancient Sparta were the first who realized what was to become later the scourge of mankind, the monetary slavery! Once those of power had the material goods under their control, today things are reversed; those who control the material goods are at the same time those with power. Lycurgus tried to prevent this reversion, this rape of nature, by minimizing the social injustice, establishing a condition of economical equality among the citizens and proceeding in a practical measure for achieving this purpose. Plutarchos wrote that with the abolition of golden and silver coins and by replacing them with heavy iron coins, many kinds of injustices disappeared from Lacedaemona. Thus Lycurgus and the Ancient Sparta were the first who abolished gold as a basis of its economy.

On the same grounds National Socialist Germany abolished gold as the basis of its economy and replaced it with work. They also abolished the slavery of usury, the money trade conducted by the robbing banking system.

The social right of both states was the opposite of that existing today and they considered as the highest and chosen members of society not those who gained money through deception but those who were distinct for their Virtue and their offerings to the Fatherland.

Closing this effort to parallel those two States, definitely an effort that is not complete, according their political identity, their social structure, their Values and Ideals, I would like to add something irrelevant towards rational comparisons:




One morning of the April of 1945 in Berlin, the few defenders left saw posters on the walls of the city. It was the poem of Kavafis “The Barbarians”. In the Hellenic manner and ethos, Germans, French, Belgians, Spanish, European Warriors the of National Socialist Ideal gave their last battle, as their duty demanded, as if their mothers were from Lacedaimona, and when they set for the campaign they pointed to their shields and said : ”Ή ταν ή επί τας” (with it or upon it). And as loyal Spartans they kept their oath and remained unshaken and unyielding to their positions. Today, on the place where the final battle of the 20th century Sparta took place there are skyscrapers built with the jewish capital and factories built on bolshevist forms. There is no place of remembrance for those brave warriors, the last defenders of Europe. Not a single plaque nor Simonides to send with his epigram the ultimate hail to the Fatherland: “Oh Stranger, tell them in Sparta…”


Today we are marching fast towards the Dark Age of the computers and there were once Ancient Sparta stood only ruins left. Eurotas has dried and among the reeds and the rocks you will not meet young Spartans engaged on the Krypteia, nor the Purple cape, symbol of Doric Militarism, waves in the winds of the Laconic earth. The souls of the dead young Spartans who died under the whip of the elders, without a cry of pain or fear coming out of their lips, are wandering in the Temple of Orthia Artemis, those who died full of love and pride for the State, those who died with no complaints in order to prove they are worthy of Sparta because of their strength, their hardness and their pride. This place is haunted by their Blood spilt on the earth, and every time the storms and the thunderbolts are howling down from Parnon and Taygetus towards the Temple, from the bowels of the haunted earth comes a great voice: “Even though we have fallen many will rise”.


Ancient Sparta and National Socialist Germany: two States-symbols of the struggle for the right and the truth, in the fight for the downfall of the social plague of democracy and bolshevism. Even though Berlin has fallen, even though the Medes passed through the Thermopylae, even though our kin, our brothers, our compatriots cannot help us, even though those who were supposed to stand by our side mocks us, they cannot shake our decision. The New Thermopylae have not fallen yet, the New Thermopylae will be Triumphant, the New Thermopylae are our Souls!



Translated by Hjarulv Henker from an old GOLDEN DAWN magazine.

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An interview with Miguel Serrano


The following interview was conducted by K. R. Bolton with Miguel Serrano in 1994. It was published at that time in a small, privately circulated newsletter. A writer of literature, Serrano communicated his ideas via symbols and metaphors, which he had woven idiosyncratically into a sprawling mytho-history, or metanarrative, that drew from new and old concepts and various mythological and esoteric traditions. Strict rationalists and those unfamiliar with Serrano’s work will find his worldview perplexing, to say the least. And certainly, writers like Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke have had a hard time getting their heads around it, focusing on superficial appearance rather than deeper meaning. The fact is that behind the rich symbology and figures of speech, there is a profound philosophical outlook and spiritual quest, an alternative—ultimately pagan—way of conceptualising our world and our day-to-day reality. In this interview he discusses ideas from the later part of his work, as he gives his opinion on the modern situation, as he saw it in the mid 1990s.

You define yourself as an Esoteric Hitlerist’. Please explain the term.

Hitler said that ‘whoever thinks that National Socialism is only a political movement doesn’t understand anything’. National Socialism was always Hitlerism, and Hitlerism always had an esoterical background. At the end of the 1930s and during the war years, it was not possible or convenient that this theme be widely known. However, after he war and its apparent loss, there was no other way for Hitlerism than the esoteric development. For me Esoteric Hitlerism is being possessed by the archetypes of the collective unconscious, which the Greeks used to call Gods – among them Apollo, which really is Wotan for the Germans and Vishnu or Shiva for the Hindus – and its development into the individual and collective souls of the actual Hitlerist warriors. That means a new/old religion, with all of its rituals and myths which are necessary to discover or rediscover. It central Drama is the apparition on this earth of the Person of Adolf Hitler, the last Avatara who came to produce this enormous storm of catastrophe in order to awake all those who are asleep and to open the New Age which will come after the Deluge. That is why we have started to count the beginning of the New Age after the birth of Hitler. We are in the year 105.

How did you arrive at Hitlerism, both esoterically and exoterically?

I arrived to the exoteric Hitlerism for the political Left, and very much impressed by the heroic death of the 62 young Chilean Nazi followers of my generation in 1938. During the War I published a magazine in favour of the Axis, called La Nueva Edad (‘the New Era’) and the  suddenly I met some SS and little later my Chilean Master, who revealed to me the secret roots of Hitlerism and ‘who’ Adolf Hitler really was: a magician who had the power to come voluntarily out of his body and communicate with other unbodily beings.

Does your esotericism imply any form of ritual or worship?

Yes, it does. I think that we in Chile are the only ones who performed public ceremonies similar to those performed at the Congress of Nuremberg, like ‘Autos Sacramentales’. But now not in public anymore. The rituals can be in the Equinoxes and the solstices. Also we use individual concentrations, sometimes in very small groups, thinking in our Führer or projecting the mind in order to fight or destroy the contrary enemy’s forces.

Do you believe events can be changed ‘magically’; i.e. via ritual magic and meditation?

Yes, is possible, but it is a tricky and dangerous affair. Today the Enemy works mentally using the Kabala and electronic machines (‘Takion’), projecting sub-atomic particles in order to control the minds. Yes, today the central war is psychotronic, technotronic and cybertronic. The principal war is a mental, one, called ‘Kama Manasic’. This means that the enemy is intervening in the mental atmosphere of the Aryan, manipulating their thoughts and separating the mental from the physical, bodies, altering the Karma and it is spiritual development. In a way, the whole world is hypnotized by these means, combined with subliminal messages found in today’s media, as well as drugs and drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, etc. Yes, mental war can be fought only with a similar type of war. Of course this needs a special discipline and training, like the Esoteric SS, other ancient religious military orders of the past.


To what extent does your esotericism relate to Jungian archetypes and the use of symbols such as runes?

Yes, the runes are very important magic symbols, but the code of their interpretation has been lost and its power almost destroyed by the malicious vulgarisation made by the Jews. It is necessary to rescue them, as I did in my book Adolf Hitler, The Last Avatara. We must use some of them in our mental combat. However, it is not good to talk openly about all of this.

In what circumstances did you come to know Jung? We know that Jung recognised National Socialism as a resurgence of the Wotan ‘Shadow’ of the Germanic folk. Did Jung view the release of this archetype as a positive or a negative phenomenon?

In my book published in England and the US, C. G. Jung & Herman Hesse, A Record of Two Friendships, I explained the circumstances which brought me to meet Jung. He wrote the Foreword to my book The Visits of the Queen of Sheba. I think that this Swiss professor knew better than anyone else in our time who Hitler really was. In the book of Professor McQuyre, Jung Speaking, published by Princeton University Press, three interviews of Prof. Jung on Hitler are reproduced. One is in The Observer of London, another in an American newspaper and the third in the Radio Berlin, at the end of 1938. In these interviews Jung stated that Hitler was possessed by the collective unconscious of the Aryan race. This means that Hitler was the spokesman of the whole Aryan world. In order not to repeat the same, I can tell you that I studied and explained this extraordinary situation in my book Adolf Hitler, The Last Avatara, published in Chile.

Some friends of Jung’s such as Lauren van der Post state that Jung came into conflict with the National Socialist regime. What were Jung’s true views on National Socialism in the later years of his life?

Prof. Jung was an enormous thinker, but he was a Swiss and therefore a contradictory personality. Very different in character to Heidegger, as a matter of fact. Immediately after the war he started to change and made some very shameful statements about Hitler and the German people. I didn’t know about these statements until very recently, and they have made me lose part of my admiration for the Jung personality. Also, Jung didn’t understand anything about Wotanism and the runes. I think this was caused by his Christian background. His father was a Lutheran priest, as was the father of Herman Hesse, Holderling, and if I am not mistaken the father of Nietzsche. This fact creates such a confusion and internal drama, that it drove the last two to madness. The furthest Jung could go was Meister Ekhard and gnosticism. On the other hand he was a Freemason, as Lutheran men are.

Nevertheless, Jung was a cunning and opportunistic man, as I can see it today. When Hitler was in full power and National Socialism on the top, Jung coined the term of the ‘two collective unconscious’, which was a lethal weapon against the Jews and the Freudians. After the war this concept disappeared from his writings in such a way that today it is impossible to find it in his complete works. I have a book published in Argentina in 1939 under the name El Yo y el Inconsciente (‘I and the Unconscious’) where it is explained. Moreover, Jung took a Jewish woman as a secretary.

In this case the statement on Van der Post that Jung came into conflict with the National Socialist regime is totally untrue. He only was the President of the Psychiatric Society of Berlin, replacing Dr. Goering (brother of Herman Goering). Jung only tried to please the National Socialists at the time, and after its defeat, to please the Jews. This was never done by Heidegger or Ezra Pound. It is because of this fact that even though I admire the thinking of Jung, I have come not to admire his character.

What were the circumstances in which you came to know Ezra Pound? Pound is said to have repudiated his pro-Fascist views towards the end of his life and to have regretted his former Fascist associations. Is this true?

I met Ezra Pound for the first time in Venice. He was already mute at the time, but he broke his silence with me. I have told this in my book published in Spanish and German under the title Die Goldenen Band, and again in Adolf Hitler, el Ultimo Avatara.  It is absolutely untrue that Pound regretted his pro-Fascist views towards the end of his life. He didn’t speak or write at all, therefore it is impossible for him to have done this. I think he was in a voluntary silence in order that no one can force him to make an unwilling declaration. He once wrote: ‘Keep yourself to your old dreams so that our world will not lose hope’.

Unfortunately, Pound was surrounded by people who loved him (like Olga Rudge) but didn’t understand him. Themecanas Ivancic, a friend of Hemingway, was also amongst those who didn’t understand him well, and they invited to Pound’s funeral the Rabbi of Venice, who of course refused to go. Maybe they were trying to convince the Jews to give him a posthumous Nobel Prize. What a pity! Anyhow, Pound, Knut Hamsun, Arno Breker, and myself are happy and honoured to be the outcast and damned in the present Jewish world.

Many writers on the occult have made references to alleged links between the Third Reich and Tibet, but often these writers are not reliable scholars. Can you personally confirm that such links existed? Did you learn anything of this connection form the Dalai Lama or other high-level Tibetans? What do you suppose were the common interests between the Third Reich and Tibet? It has also been claimed that Soviet troops found a large number of Tibetans in German uniform who had committed suicide amongst the ruins of Berlin. Do you know anything of this?

The only certain thing in the link between Tibet and the Third Reich is the personal connection between Adolf Hitler and Sven Hedin, the Swedish explorer of the Himalayas. Both were interested in find the shortest physical way to relate geographically Germany and Tibet – Berlin and Lhasa.

In the spiritual and psychological world, the relationship between Berschtesgaden and Lhasa existed even before Hitler came.

You ask me about Dalai Lama. Unfortunately he is now one more prisoner of ‘Globalism’ and a tool of the Jews.

There are many legends about the Tibetans and the Battle of the Bunker. As a matter of fact, the mission of the Tibetans was to preserve and protect the entrance of the Hollow Earth. Like the Incas in America. The real link between Tibet and the Third Reich was the swastika, Left-Turning, because the directions of this swastika are the same as that of the religion of Bö, of pre-Buddhist Tibet, which was Aryan of the ‘Dropas’, of the Hyperborean.

wpid-mgd7534What were the esoteric currents behind the NSDAP and the Third Reich?

Hitlerism as Otto Rahn could say, was Luciferian (nothing to do with Satanism). Lucifer is the Morning Star and the Ruhne ‘Veneris’. The real esotericism behind Hitler and the very small elite that surrounded him was an ‘esoterical scientificism’  of ‘other’ technology. This was principally based on the implosion principle. This led to the UFOs and rapidly passed to another dimension, with the absolute need to lose the war here in order to gain in the ‘parallel world’, or even better, in another ‘place situation’.

The National Socialist regime banned the Thule Society and other occult orders whose members had been involved with the founding of the NSDAP. Why were these orders banned? Did the Thulists and other occultists retain influence in the NS regime?

The Third Reich banned the Thule Society and other occult orders because there was much old nonsense in these clubs, as well as some connections with Freemasonic societies like the Golden Dawn. The founder of ‘Thule’, von Sebottendorff, had connections with Turkish Freemasonry. Immediately after the arrival of the Third Reich he escaped to Istanbul, where it is said he committed suicide in the Bosphorous in 1945, at the end of the war. He was probably killed by the Intelligence Service, after being manipulated by it during his lifetime.

This doesn’t mean that in the Thule Society there weren’t great personalities like Rudolf Hess, Alfred Rosenberg, and Gottfried Feder, the real creator of the new economy of the Third Reich.

Do you consider the SS to have been an esoteric order as some authors claim?

The SS was also influenced by the Templar Order, as Julius Evola said to me. There was an elite SS which was working with Tantrism. They didn’t have enough time to fulfill their conceptions. Anyhow, they tried hard to produce the Over-Man by using blood alchemy. The Absolute Man.

So you consider National Socialism to have been strictly a phenomenon arising to meet the needs of the 20th century, or to be more broadly part of an esoteric tradition?

There was an exoteric National Socialism until 1945. After this date, at the end of the war, what followed was the esoteric Hitlerism, which nobody will be able to stop now because it is the ‘constellation’ and revelation of an Archetype which was incarnated in the person of Adolf Hitler, who is immortal because of this fact. It is not a ‘fetishism’ to adore and be at the service of an Archetype. Quite the contrary, this means to be a founder or a warrior-priest of a new-old Religion.

How do you view Christianity in relation to National Socialism and Fascism, considering many Fascist leaders such as Leon Degrelle came to National Socialism from Catholicism?

Hitlerism and Christianity are completely opposed, as are Paganism and Christianity. Christianity has been completely spoiled by Judaism. My dearest friend and comrade Leon Degrelle had great doubts at the end of his life, I am afraid. And by special disposition asked to be cremated like Baldur. This was an Aryan decision and not a Christian one.

Do you have a metaphysical view on the origin of the races, or a Darwinian evolutionary view?

I am opposed to Darwin in my conception of race, I don’t have evolutionary views, but involutionary ones. What a pity that my books Adolf Hitler, El Ultimo Avatara and Manu, Por el Hombre que Vendra are not edited in English [no longer the case], because there you would find the Orpheon and Hitlerian Cosmogony. Spirits – better to say ‘beings’ – came to this visible world and embodied with matter in order to fight here the Demiurge, which is the real creator of Satan-Jaweh-Jehovah, which in turn created the Jewish genetic robot in order to contaminate the Planet Earth. The first ‘earth embodiment’ of these spirits took place in a Polar body or Hyperborean race. From there in came the dramatic involutionary story of the mixture of the pure race with the original earthly beings and then came the Aryans, which means ‘twice born’; that is, those who try to recover the purity of the ‘first born’. This is the true meaning of racism.


You are, I believe, a worshiper of Shiva. To what extent is National Socialism a reflection of Hindu cosmology as propounded, for example, by Savitri Devi?

Shiva is the same as Wotan. Both of them at the beginning were only heroes of the Polar or Hyperborean race, the embodiment of an Archetype. The legend has made them Gods. The first race had the power called ‘odil’, ‘vril’, etc. which has now been lost. The task of the Esoteric Hitlerists is to try to recover this Power and become like Shiva or Wotan again: The Over-Man.

Do you consider history as cyclic, and if so, do you consider, like Oswald Spengler, the West to be in irreversible decline? Should we seek to ‘save the West’, or – as Nietzsche said – ‘to push the falling’, so that something new might emerge?

I think the view of History as a cyclical phenomenon in the Indian and Greek way of thinking is the appropriate one. The Eternal Recurrence. We are now at the end of the Cycle of the Kali-Yuga. It is like a harvest; the exact number of grains have matured and very few have done so. A new age will being about the Sun again in a New Earth, or in the soul of the actual Earth. Our struggle is to save the soul of this Earth, and to avoid that she may perish along with everything else. The exact number of those saved have left this battleground in the UFOs – this spiritual machine with Hitler, the Führer, Wotan-Shiva.

I think that Spengler confused the cyclical ideas of the Indians and the Greeks, diminishing and transforming them into a mechanical and biological situation of growing and dying. He circumscribed this to the decadency of the Western Civilisation, when really it belonged to the whole world, and for the planet Earth as well.

As for ‘pushing the falling’. It is something quite ridiculous to think about this, because it is not necessary at all. The ‘acceleration of time’ will bring the end even before what we can think or expect.

How do you view the present world situation, with a push towards a ‘New World Order’, American hegemony and global consumer culture? Do you think the globalists will succeed in establishing some type of New World Order, even if only temporarily?

The Jews have been preparing the so-called New World Order since the beginning of History. The ‘global consumer culture’ is the means for that. It is already here. With the end of Bolshevist Russia, international capitalism is destroying the frontiers and nationalities. Soon after there will come the end of capitalism, of paper, plastic, and electronic money. The technotronic, electronic, and cybertronic ‘globalism’ will serve very well to impose the Theocratic (Jehovah-Jaweh) world dictatorship, together with virtual reality and computer ecology. With virtual reality the Jews think that they have discovered a magic device in order to give the last and mortal bow to actual reality, or to Mother Nature, in a way that even nature cannot react against this and destroy itself along with the rest.

The Esoteric Hitlerist war is not only on this Earth, but in all the Universe against the servants of the Demiurge (the enslaves Aions). It is a terrible but glorious War.

How do you envisage the future of Europe? Do you think a United Europe is a realistic prospect, considering the long-standing ethnic rivalry in such areas as former Yugoslavia?

At the end of World War II the SS approved and made known the ‘Charter of Charlotenburg’, and the conceived a real ‘New World, Order’ of Ethnic Fatherlands, or natural groupings of racial and linguistic stocks. They even published a map of Europe where all the artificial boundaries dating form World War I were abolished. With the material of loss of World War II, the ‘Charter of San Francisco’ was approved, that is the United Nations, where all races are mixed so that the Jews can control them. This is the ‘Globalism’ of today’s unnatural and monstrous world.

What role do you think Russia will take in future world affairs? Many liberals and Zionists are fearful of a ‘Fascist’ takeover of Russia. Do you think it likely?

I am always afraid of Russia; there is there a seed of madness in this area of the world, surely because of the mixture of the Mongolian and yellow races. The ‘Charter of Charlotenburg’ envisaged for Russia a very serious and deep ethnic division: the Viking and German stock with Europe, and the rest with Asia, Mongolia and China. In order to have Fascism and Nazism in Russia it is necessary to understand the racial problem.

The prospect of an open Hitlerist resurgence after decades of propaganda seems remote.


Miguel Serrano and Léon Degrelle

How do you view that future of National Socialism? Will National Socialism emerge perhaps under another name and another symbol; or do you see Hitler and the swastika as enduring symbols, perhaps even archetypes with an enduring power of their own?

At this moment I cannot predict the prospect of a Hitlerist resurgence. The only thing that I can say is that I am always surprised that in spite of decades of brainwashing propaganda, young people are born again as Nazis and admirers of Hitler, as if they were ‘reincarnated’ in order  to follow with the struggle on Earth. This gives me hope and new energies to continue with the fight.

Hitler and the swastika are enduring and eternal symbols, certainly archetypes with ‘enduring powers of their own’. The Archetype will do the world by Itself, even without our best knowledge and beyond out will and our limited span of life. That is our hope, our belief and the only thing that I know.

The Chilean military junta was called ‘fascist’ but let in the global corporations and adopted the free market economics of Milton Friedman et al. How did you view the Junta?

The Junta was a disaster for Chile, as are all professional military. Hitlerism and Nazism are completely the opposite of a military dictatorship; Franco was a traitor who destroyed the Falange. Gen. Vargas destroyed fascist ‘Integralism’ in Brazil; Antonescu destroyed the Iron Guard in Romania; the military in Chile helped to kill the young Nazis in 1938, and Pinochet helped the Jews coming into Chile as well as Friedman’s liberal super-capitalism. I was always openly against Pinochet’s regime, totally separating Hitlerism from his dictatorship. Hitlerism is a cosmogonic conception, a totalitarian and theocratic Weltanschauung, in opposition to the totalitarian and demoniac cosmogonic conception of the Jews.

What is your view of Islam which presently seems to be the only major force standing in the way of global consumerism and usury?

My view of Islam is not favourable at all. They are also a fanatic monotheistic people, and we are pagans and polytheists. We ‘live and let live’. We are defending ourselves against fanaticism and monotheism. Islam will never feel that we are their brothers and at the end we cannot count on them. Isthmael is a bother of Jacob and in the final analysis they will be on good terms, as they have started to do nowadays.


I have read that you have made references to Lucifer. How do you view Lucifer, and is there a connection between Luciferianism and Esoteric Hitlerism?

Yes, I am a Luciferian in the sense that Lucifer is the Morning Star, the ‘most beautiful light’, and the Morning star is a God-Goddess, Venus. It is more than a planet, it is a comet that stopped where it is now, in order to recall to men their divine and spiritual origin and to show them that way to recover it. There, in Venus, is Adolf Hitler now, together with the elite who managed to leave the Earth at the end of World War II.

What is you opinion of ‘neo-Nazism’, which often seems to be influenced by a superficial American-style bigotry rather than a deeper European philosophy? What is your opinion of such neo-Nazi leaders as Lincoln Rockwell?

I will not speak bad of Rockwell. I think he was touched by the lightning of the Archetype and was killed in order to be reborn in the ‘Last Battalion’. His loyal follower Matt Koehl has been trying hard to keep some spark of the fire alive, even in the midst of this terribly superficial ‘American-style bigotry’.

What do you consider Man’s destiny to be? Nietzschean Over-Man? What about space colonisation as the ultimate expression of the Faustian soul?

There is no destiny for all of mankind, only for some. To recover their divinity, but not as ‘unconscious Gods’, but fully conscious, as a Total-Man, in the sense of Jungian ‘individuation’; a God conscious of himself which is only possible to achieve on this Earth. To obtain this is the meaning of Esoteric Hitlerism. When one has reached this state, one becomes the UFO or ‘vimana’ itself, without needing an external new science or a new technology, because one is reaching a ‘parallel world’, or better said, a new ‘place-situation’ where we will meet the Führer and the Warriors of the Last Battalion. This will be the real ‘space colonisation’ and the ‘ultimate expression of the Faustian soul’.

Final Words:

I want to express to the young comrades in England, Australia, and New Zealand and to the English- and German-speaking world at large, that none of these things will be obtained if we don’t give a synchronistic battle also in the physical world against the Great Enemy, even at the risk of losing our mortal life. In this we have a common ideal with the Moslems, who think to die in battle in order to reach the Heaven of Allah. We believe that if we are killed or murdered for our ideals we will come to Walhalla, where Wotan and our Walkiria will give us, centuplicated, all of that which we were unable to achieve in our warrior life on Earth … but only if we are real Esoteric Hitlerist Warriors!


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